Problems with water

How to solve them?

ProblemCauseProposition of solving problem
Turbid water, slippery walls, smell of chlorine, eye irritationIncreased organic load due to insufficient preparation, recognizable after elevated content of chlorine (chloramine).Adjust the pH to 7,0-7,4. Perform shock chlorination. After 24 hours, there should be visible improvement in water quality. If not, measure the amount of free chlorine. If DPD no. 1 is below 1 mg/l, you should repeat shock chlorination. If DPDno.1 value is above 5 mg/l and the water is still turbid, look for a different cause. Do not put the tablets into the skimmer, because in this case, dirt accumulated in the filter is oxidized and this oxidizing power is not sufficient for removing organic contaminants in the tank. Rinse the filter backward for about 10 min.
In case of sand filters, in order to remove even the smallest contaminants remaining in the water, insert the coagulating cartridges into the skimmer, and replace them after 2-3 days. Rinse the filter backwards for about 10 min. Then, cartridges change weekly. Note: coagulation works only when the pH is 7,0 – 7,4
Milky-turbid waterThere can be a coagulation agent in the water, in this case content of aluminum is increased (Only professionals with appropriate measuring instruments or with a photometer can check it). If the coagulation agent is the basin, then for a short time the pH value is above 7.8 or below 6.5. As a result, aluminum hydroxide separated on the filter is dissolved once again in water in the pool. Adjust the pH value to 7.0-7.4, then either: pumping with coagulation agents – day and night until the filtered water is clean again, or: stop pumping, put the coagulation agents on the bottom, then suck them carefully.
Milky-turbid water, rough pool walls, shock chlorination without effect, no aluminium in waterLoss of water hardness increasers (carbonate hardness), caused by short-term too high pH value.Set pH value to 7.0-7.4 and the coagulation cartridges (in case of sand filters) put in the skimmer. Turn on the pumping device until the water becomes clear again, or: turn off the pumping, put coagulation agents on the bottom, then suck them carefully.
Green water but clearTraces of copper (turquoise-green water) either due to copper-containing agents or due to the corrosion of copper parts. Sometimes green water appears after using active oxygen.Adjust pH to 7.0-7.4. Prepare shock chlorination and put coagulation agents into the skimmer. Start pumping until the water loses its green colour. Generally: no chlorine and active oxygen in the skimmer.
Dark brown and turbid waterIron in the filling water.As in point 4.
Black- brown and turbid waterManganese in the filling water.As in point 4.
The walls of the pool are slippery and greenAlgae growth. (Especially during storm periods).Shock chlorination with the addition of algaecides substances.
High foaming water (eg with Jet-stream device)Strongly foaming algaecide in water, remnants of substances used during winterising or surfactants (cleaning agents) in water. Add more fresh water and preventively add non-foaming algaecide. Do not use household cleaning products.
Black spots on the foilFormation of heavy metal sulphides on the upper surface of the foil.Cleansing with a foil cleaner. Prevention: do not use any algicides with copper and silver.
Corrosion on metal partsToo low pH value (below 6.5). Traces of copper in water.Raise pH value to at least 7.2. As in point 4.